Vestechpro: An Innovation Source for Textiles and Business

Change might as well be Vestechpro’s middle name. A catalyst for change in the Canadian apparel industry, they pride themselves on collaboration with their many partners and clients. It is with the five tenets: innovate, optimize, develop, inform and train that guides Vestechpro through their work in the industry both locally and globally.



Vetechpro does not believe in a static workplace. The growth of their business has come about by creating a culture of discovery and research specialized to apparel and textiles. A large part of their mission is to the creation of smart textiles in terms of wearable fibers, custom prototypes and technical specifications that exceed expectations. They work in collaboration with their clients to ensure that satisfaction is guareneted. They think outside themselves as textile experts and consult leaders in the field of health, transportation, secutiry, sports and entertainmet fields.



Innovation is vital to the discovery and implication of new technologies, but problem optimization identification is the key to making them successful. Due to rigorous testing of new textiles and prototypes, Vestechpro ensures that product will be ready for market. Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, the President of the clothing line Hexoskin waxes poetic about the dedication and detailed care that contributed to the clothing lines success.

“Vestechpro helped us to progress from the prototype to the final product by rigorously applying an R&D apparel technology method. Its expertise enabled us to improve the quality of the Hexoskin clothing line, which is worn by thousands of people.”



Creation of textiles and new technologies is exciting and well but Vestechpro is determined to contribute to the business aspect of the apparel industry. Research of competitive business models ensures that local companies will understand how to best strategize their entry and position into the market.




The Canadian fashion industry is experiencing steady growth which allows opportunities for new businesses to flourish not only domestically but internationally as well. Vestechpro wants to help clients and partners to navigate these new uncharted territories as informed as possible. It is only when they understand the challenges unique to the market, that they can best prepare their business to reach utmost success.



Vestechpro operates out of a partnership with the Collegial Centres for the Transfer of Technology throughout Quebec. Their training program was developed by Cégep Marie-Victorin which has been recognized in the industry as an asset for over 40 years. Of course teachers of the CMV fashion programs are all well-versed in the industry and provide significant hands-on expertise to each and every person involved in the program. Entrepreneurs, designers, innovators in fashion alike who have been students of the program have found themselves at an advantage in the workforce due to their immense specialized knowledge and training.


Vestechpro is a non-profit organization with the notion “service through excellence” guiding them through their endeavors. Visit here to learn more. Or visit the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada trade show in Toronto August 21st-23rd and find out more about the textile innovations happening and see how your business can benefit from a partnership with Vestechpro.

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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