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YouTube is not just for cat videos, annoying ads that don’t let you skip, or a black hole in which you watch the entire music video library for an artist in the span of an afternoon. That is because Apparel Textile Sourcing now has its own channel on the streaming site. This will take you behind the scenes of Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada and soon, Apparel Textile Sourcing MIAMI!

behind the scenes

On the channel, you will find never before scenes from the very first ATSC in 2016! In addition, there are recaps from this past year’s show at the International Centre in Toronto. There are videos of exhibitors of denim, textiles, seminars and more. Through these, you can check out what to expect at the upcoming shows in Miami May 21st-23rd and Toronto August 20th-22nd.

Stay Tuned

This August’s show space in Toronto has grown from 40,000 square feet to 135,000 and will have new product categories: home textiles, electronics, general merchandise and more. This in turn will leave us with more content than ever before. Also, with a new show being added there will be plenty of behind the scenes and educational material that will be added to the channel throughout the year. Now, put the cat videos on pause and procrastinate in a “productive” way. Watch our vids and subscribe so you don’t miss out!

As always to learn more and register for the show go here. Follow us on social media to hear real-time updates about speaker lineup, exhibitors, attendee news and more.






And now, immerse yourself in our world by subscribing to the YouTube channel here.

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