Future of Fashion to be Unveiled at ATSC 2018

Everyone always wants to know what’s NEXT- what does the future hold? This especially holds true in the world of apparel and textiles. In an industry that thrives on innovation, we have created daring cuts, styles, prints and garment fabrications. In fact, the technology used in apparel production has advanced tremendously in recent decades. What’s interesting though, is the lack of technology implemented IN the clothing we wear.

Fashion and Healthcare Come Together

Fashion and health has not always been thought to go hand in hand. But soon, that antiquated notion will be a relic of the past. This is all due to Ontario-based textile computing company Myant, and their new line of undergarments. Myant has created the collection of soon-to-be-available, fashionable undergarments which can diagnose, prevent and even treat health concerns.

The healthcare community and public alike, will be impressed by the clothing’s ability to act as an ECG. No longer will an undershirt just be an undershirt. Instead, this will monitor the wearer’s heart rate 24/7 and watch for rhythm issues and irregularities. Another benefit is the capability for individuals to receive remote physiotherapy while wearing the garments. Through artificial intelligence, therapy can include heat, electric stimulation and compression treatment that has been instructed by their healthcare provider. Not only will these provide preventative measures to the wearer, but also easier access to care. Overall, this brings the public more control over their own healthcare.

The Future Unveiled

It’s technology in fashion has never existed; it just has not been introduced to the market on a mass scale. That is all about to change at Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada 2018 this August 20th-22nd. The clothing line is innovative in its construction which boasts seamlessly integrated, not bulky technology. Through this “futuristic clothing,” they’re determined to, “change the face of both fashion and healthcare.”




Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

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