ITAA: It’s a Wonderful World of Textiles

Calling all textile lovers! Does your apparel profession allow you to pick, play and discover the latest and greatest in the fiber world? Or, do you wish you could pawn off that part of the design process off to a self-proclaimed textile fanatic? If so, then look no further The International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA).

All on Board with ITAA

The ITAA is an organization that promotes application, discovery and dissemination of textile and apparel knowledge amongst its members. In fact, the primary mission of ITAA is to promote excellence in textile education, offering scholarships and creating awareness about the global applications and impact of the industry. And, they do this all while using innovation and technology as a necessary tool. Also, ITAA aids in post-secondary and competent professional textile and apparel knowledge through selective programming.

It’s a Wonderful World of Textiles….

ITAA is an ideal platform in which you can find: students, educators and professionals in the apparel, merchandising and textile disciplines. The board welcomes any individual well-versed in the industry, including young professionals or students who wish to learn more about the field. In addition, ITAA allows you to share your knowledge, ideas, and aspirations with like-minded people by arranging meetings, publications, events and others.

and Textile Fanatics…

There are 6 types of members that ITAA recognizes:

Professional– Individuals who possess advanced degrees in textiles and/or is employed in a professional domain or college/university.

Emeritus– Those who have retired from the field and are 70+ years of age.

Graduate Students– Students enrolled in a professional textile and apparel degree.

Undergraduate Student– Students who are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in textile and apparel.

Corporate–  Membership related to organizations, corporations, or companies which are interested in promoting the knowledge of textile and apparel.

Honoree – A non-ITAA member that is acknowledged for the work they have done in the field.

Member’s Only

There are many benefits of being an ITAA member. Some of these include: access to publications and design catalogs, annual meetings, updates on programs and networking opportunities.

The association arranges workshops, seminars and meetups on a regular basis. As a result, these events present members to gain further insight into the world of textile and apparel design, as well as opportunities for business ventures and job growth. Ultimately, ITAA is built on a passion for textiles and is sustained by the drive to reach and inspire current and aspiring apparel industry professionals. Learn more here!

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