John Banker

Group Show Director - Apparel Textile Sourcing Trade Shows | A self-proclaimed Trade Show Guy since 2004, John’s only longer-term roles are husband, salesman, and sports fan. He’s directed trade shows since ’07, and been the Apparel Textile Sourcing Director since the brand’s inception in ‘15. He’s most natural selling the benefits of ATS and has travelled the world searching for sources…from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, from New York to New Delhi, from Beijing to Dhaka, Toronto to Miami and back again. All that and the fact that his boss nicknamed him ‘Wordsmith’ led to him writing blogs for ATS. He likes to think he's kind of funny too, so look for some of that.

Articles by John Banker

Poking and Jabbing for our Shot at Recovery

Lingering questions clutter recovery road ahead    How soon until we untangle COVID-19 from our supply chain?    Will the unbalanced vaccine roll out outpace the mutant strains & third wave?    Extend lockdowns or gradually ramp up?    How…

The Apparel Textile Sourcing 2021 Product Category Championship Bracket

March Madness Means Brackets. First, for those unfamiliar with how tournament brackets work – brackets are designed for sports tournaments, giving a rank, order and process that creates a pathway to determine one ultimate winner, typically via a series of…

Movie Posters are Super Cool. Let’s Copy them.

The Trade Show Guy Report I used to work at a movie theatre back in high school.  I did everything from selling popcorn to being the projectionist.  I became a big fan of movie posters, which are called one-sheets in…

Yesterday’s Smoking Ads, Today’s Road Construction & Tomorrow’s Mask-less Hugs

The Trade Show Guy Report Anyone old enough to remember black and white ads, movies or tv shows where the main characters would be smoking and promoting brands of cigarettes? Nowadays that seems so awkward-looking, right?! Speaking of looking awkward,…

Textiles and Trade Shows, Swords, Socks, and Sourcing

The Trade Show Guy Report I once placed the booths of two medieval sword manufacturers, both from the same Middle Eastern town, directly across the aisle from each other at a Las Vegas trade show.   Trust me, You never want…

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