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I once placed the booths of two medieval sword manufacturers, both from the same Middle Eastern town, directly across the aisle from each other at a Las Vegas trade show.   Trust me, You never want to be the common target of two angry swords(sales)men.

It was right then I knew I’d be better suited to be a show director for a soft goods event – after all, when you put two socks guys across the aisle from each other, the worst thing that happens is you are hit in the head with a balled up sock.  So that’s how I became the Director of Apparel Textile Sourcing…in case anyone wanted to know.

In this new weekly blog we’ll try to tell a funny story, provide some “newsy” item, and maybe (dreaming here) I’ll develop a fanbase and soon start instagramming, faceposting, twittering, snapping, ticking, trending and tocking!

News of the Week – Seems like it’ll be hard to have a true, successful physical trade show in the first-half of 2021.  Probably that’s not really news.  So Apparel Textile Sourcing will be doing two virtual trade events – in May and July – and we’re poised for two physical events in the back-half of 2021 – ATS Canada  in Toronto and ATS Miami venues on reserve and fingers crossed.

The two ATS Virtual events, in May and July ’21, will focus on matching live manufacturers – direct from their showrooms around the world – with buyers in North America and internationally.  The online events will focus on buyers in the USA and Canada and be powered by Zoom.

Our 3rd Virtual trade show in 2020, Nov. 16-20, was built on a Zoom interface and linked directly to each suppliers’ company profile page on Manufacturer.com – by far the most interactive and productive ATS virtual event of 2020.  We look forward to working even closer with Zoom and Manufacturer.com in ’21 to best connect buyers and sellers face-to-face from around the world.

Got A Question: Send them in to the Trade Show Guy Report –from swords to socks, from the Middle East to Mid-town, from Tinseltown to Macao, from Toronto to Miami, from ATS related questions, to general trade show questions, from virtual trade show questions, to apparel and textile related questions – Send over your questions or comments, and we’ll follow up real soon!

John Banker

Author: John Banker

Group Show Director - Apparel Textile Sourcing Trade Shows | A self-proclaimed Trade Show Guy since 2004, John’s only longer-term roles are husband, salesman, and sports fan. He’s directed trade shows since ’07, and been the Apparel Textile Sourcing Director since the brand’s inception in ‘15. He’s most natural selling the benefits of ATS and has travelled the world searching for sources…from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, from New York to New Delhi, from Beijing to Dhaka, Toronto to Miami and back again. All that and the fact that his boss nicknamed him ‘Wordsmith’ led to him writing blogs for ATS. He likes to think he's kind of funny too, so look for some of that.