Yesterday’s Smoking Ads, Today’s Road Construction & Tomorrow’s Mask-less Hugs

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Anyone old enough to remember black and white ads, movies or tv shows where the main characters would be smoking and promoting brands of cigarettes? Nowadays that seems so awkward-looking, right?!

Speaking of looking awkward, fast-forward 60 years to 2021…When I watch tv commercials, shows or movies and mask-less people are hugging, or shaking hands, or eating in crowded restaurants, or just out with a group of people…it seems so old school.  That’s kind of a real bummer when you stop and think about it…when hugs and crowds seems like the old way.

I’m living in Los Angeles, aka ‘The Epicenter of COVID’, and about half my friends are anti-vax and half are full-on vax.  This is not a political blog nor a medical blog, so I’ll leave the VAX debate off the table.  But just to say, when I talk to the Apparel Textile Sourcing international sales reps who are based in cities like Ottawa, Lima, Lahore, Dhaka, Delhi, and Beijing, they are quite surprised to hear that the USA is split on receiving COVID vaccinations.

I’m wondering why the USA view on vaccines seems so different from the world view?

…Is it just my small sample size or perhaps my choice of friends?
…Is it related to geography or maybe way of life?
…Wealth or current circumstance?
… Age or education?
…Government mandate or personal choice?
…Politics or family?
…Nature or nurture?

If anyone has intel about other parts of the world and their vaccine view, send me some mail on it…I’d enjoy hearing and sharing other world views as well as more views from USA.

We all may kind of wish we were New Zealanders right now…living in our little nook and all things back to norm.  Wouldn’t that be nice…but the road back to financial recovery goes through the USA….

The road back to sourcing goes through the USA…
The road back to sourcing goes through international business travel…
The road back to sourcing goes through in-person meetings and trade shows.

Here’s hoping the USA road is not under construction much longer than expected.  None of us want hugs and handshakes permanently replaced with thumbs up emojis and inconsistent internet connectivity…None of us want face-to-face, mask-less meetings as nostalgic as Lucy & Desi selling cigarettes to “smart, young Americans”.

John Banker

Author: John Banker

Group Show Director - Apparel Textile Sourcing Trade Shows | A self-proclaimed Trade Show Guy since 2004, John’s only longer-term roles are husband, salesman, and sports fan. He’s directed trade shows since ’07, and been the Apparel Textile Sourcing Director since the brand’s inception in ‘15. He’s most natural selling the benefits of ATS and has travelled the world searching for sources…from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, from New York to New Delhi, from Beijing to Dhaka, Toronto to Miami and back again. All that and the fact that his boss nicknamed him ‘Wordsmith’ led to him writing blogs for ATS. He likes to think he's kind of funny too, so look for some of that.