Fashion Shows its True Colors at ATS Miami 

Day 2 at Apparel Textile was one to remember! The trade show floors were filled with attendees and exhibitors making connections and getting it done. Throughout the morning the convention center was abuzz with the event of the day- the ATSM fashion show. The show happily took a break for the showcase and to celebrate the reason why we all do what we do- fashion. 

The New Era of Miami Fashion 

“Dismissed for decades as the land that style forgot, the city is having another moment in the fashion sun.” The quote by Horacio Silva really sums up the apparel industry in South Florida, and the anticipation of what it will become. 

Although, long revered for its swimwear scene, Miami is showing it compete in everything from evening gowns to ready-to-wear. This was evidenced this afternoon as soon as the models strutted down the catwalk. In fact, it proved that Miami’s culture of pushing the boundaries extends into apparel as well. 

A Runway to Remember 

The first group to take the runway were student designs from those attending the  Miami International University of Art & Design and the Miami Fashion Institute at Miami Dade College. Their talent came in the form of show-stopping geometric dresses, daywear and more. 

Miami designers were heavily represented with the works of: Julian Chang, Krelwear, Bianca Colleti, Petit Pois, Perry Ellis, Lucky In Love, Peace Love World, and more. Last but not least, was the showcase from our exhibiting manufacturers.  

We feel ATSM is the precursor to a new renaissance of Miami fashion. If the fashion show is any indicator, then the city is looking to give New York and Los Angeles a run for their money. Thank you to all who participated and those who came and watched the show! 

Christine Duff

Author: Christine Duff

Storytelling is my passion in life, whether through words across a page, a styled outfit that speaks volumes, or directing a photoshoot that expresses it visually. I live my life driven by my love of people, art, and the pursuit of happiness.