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Session at Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami cover a wide range of topics presented by successful members of the apparel industry or government. Topics include Fashion, Sourcing, Logistics, Marketing, Best Practices, Government/Trade Agreements and more.
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2018 Featured Sessions

May 21, 2018

International Government Roundtable Discussion – Central America

Hear government representatives from Central American countries discuss international trade and promoting imports from their countries into the USA. The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is an expansion of NAFTA to five Central American nations (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,…

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Miami – The Gateway to the Americas

The Miami-based Mana Group will outline how international companies can vault their relationships in Latin America through the The Americas-Asia Trade Center & IFC (TCIFC), the Miami hub for business and trade and the regional headquarters for companies from Asia…

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Lead Time Optimization: The Key to Profitability

Lead time optimization is the most important priority in the fashion industry – and no one does it better than Zara, the most successful retailer on the planet. How can other retailers emulate Zara’s amazing performance? ATSM will bring in…

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Sourcing 101 – From Creating Your Own Brand to Supply Chain Collaboration

Our expert panel will discuss the stages of the cycle a new company should take to begin their brand building process; from creating a logo and trademark to developing a good background story. A pitfall new companies face the streamlined…

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The Global Supply Chain & Retail Panel

In today’s e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment-world, retailers are growing by utilizing a connected and responsive supply chain. The ATSM panel Global Apparel Industry Leaders will discuss the modern supply chain and responding to the ever-changing consumer trends and shifts of…

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Apparel Industry – Reverse Logistics Trends

Order cancellations, over-runs, irregulars, and unsold merchandise is a fact in the apparel industry—the question is what to do with merchandise as it enters the secondary market. ATSM brings together industry leaders in the reverse logistics supply chain to help…

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The ATSM Fashion Show

Don’t Miss the Runway at Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami. The event will showcase Fashion Students, Professionals and Manufacturers. Featuring summer fashion and swimsuits. The mix of Student, Manufacturer, and Designer fashions brings out the best of what wearable fashion is…

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2019 Global Design & Consumer Apparel Trends

Get ready to be inspired with this 2019 advance trend preview, ATSM will showcase our trend expert predictions for styling details sure to lead global design & consumer apparel trends for 2019. Categories in Women’s, Men’s and Childrens-wear will be…

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Sustainable, Ethical Apparel Practices

This panel discussion will focus on sustainable apparel practices. We’ll hear directly from successful apparel business leaders on how they pull off success and sustainability side by side. The panel will include Miami-based apparel companies as well as Worldwide Responsible…

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Increasing Importance of Social Compliance in an Era of Uncertainty

Today’s technology and the world’s fast pace make instant communication mandatory. The sourcing business is vulnerable to these types of issues presented to supply chain management. Protecting your business by addressing social compliance issues is demanding, both from both a…

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