Canada Could be a Gateway to the North American Markets for India

This year at the Apparel Textile Sourcing Show Canada (ATSC) India was highly represented due to a partnership with TFO Canada. Next year they are expecting to expand their reach even further with approximately 50 exhibitors in partnership with North American… more

First Cars, Now Clothing? Fashion in the Sharing Economy

First Cars, Now Clothing? Fashion in the Sharing Economy

The success of Airbnb, Uber and the like have proven there is a new economic model that consumers are willing to partake in. In the sharing, or performance economy, consumers are foregoing ownership. Instead, they are choosing to pay for… more

Marketing Mania: Driving Fashion Sales

Marketing Mania: Driving Fashion Sales

Fashion is fickle. Fashion is ever-changing. And, fashion is over-saturated with talent with designers from all over the world. So in a field so competitive and cut-throat, how does one drive sales and create repeat customers? One answer to that… more

New wave of American manufacturing

Second Wave of U.S. Manufacturing?

American manufacturing is a sexy term, or at least the government is hoping it will be to U.S-based businesses and domestic workers alike. Having somewhat of a second industrial revolution is what leaders are hoping will bring back millions of… more

Apparel Industry Seeks Central America

Apparel Industry Seeks Central America

Despite technology’s stronghold over our lives in both the personal and the professional, it is incredible how labor-based the garment industry still is. All apparel has touched human hands; there is beauty in that sentiment, but also a downside due… more

Must-See at ATSC Artisan Hub

ATSC: Artisan Hub Presented by TFO

Get registered, create your itineraries and start scheduling those meetings. The clock is ticking since in less than a month you’ll be meeting us at the International Centre in Toronto. Over 300 booths are set to feature their works and… more

Get Mean

Canadian Rock Star Starts Apparel Biz with Mean Clothing Brand

Many things hail from the Great White North: maple syrup, hockey and the post-grunge band Three Days Grace. Along with some of the top rock hits of the early 2000’s comes Mean Clothing, the namesake label was founded by Three… more

Canada and EU Join Forces with CETA

Canada and EU in CETA Trade Deal 

Justin Trudeau has made himself a name as Canadian’s most popular politician. This is not just for his good hair and charm, but for strengthening Canada’s international relations. On July 4th, the prime minister met with Ireland’s leader Taoiseach Leo… more

Innovation Source for Textiles and Business

Vestechpro: An Innovation Source for Textiles and Business

Change might as well be Vestechpro’s middle name. A catalyst for change in the Canadian apparel industry, they pride themselves on collaboration with their many partners and clients. It is with the five tenets: innovate, optimize, develop, inform and train… more

CTT and their vision for textiles

“Intelligent” Textiles: CTT Group

2017 is an unparalleled time in world of textiles. From self-heating outerwear to undergarments that measure athletic performance, the boundaries are continually being pushed. Meanwhile, CTT GROUP is leading the textile industry for research and development. Based in Canada, CTT… more

Smart and innovative textiles will dominate the trade show

Preview of Smart Textiles by ATSC

Mark your calendars because June 14, 2017 the organizers of the upcoming Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) show are going to let you in on a little secret. On this date they will give a small preview of innovative textiles and technologies… more

Meet Testex

Meet Testex: For Textile Testing and Certification

Switzerland conjures up images of white capped alps, rolling green hills and pristine waters; it is life in its purest form. It is here that Testex was founded. The Zurich-based textile testing and certification organization is committed to quality standards,… more

Kendor Textiles

KenDor Textiles: Helping Businesses Weave Success with Custom Fabrics

KenDor Textiles has had its roots in Vancouver since the 1950’s with a mission of supplying quality fabrics and materials at a price no one could refuse. In addition to their passion for textiles, they also were committed to a… more

Apparel Textile Sourcing Brands for Canada

Brands for Canada

Brands for Canada was founded by Joan Clayton and Ina Andre in 1992 in Toronto, Ontario. The two founders had already started Second Harvest, the food recovery program, when they discovered what else people in poverty needed- clothing. This was… more

Canada seeks strong trade relationship with India

New Deal with New Delhi? Free Trade Agreement with India Could Happen in the Future

  Striking a free trade agreement with India remains a high priority for the Canadian government. While talks have not yet commenced, pressure is mounting at the capital since speculations of a deal have been years in the making. In… more

New Media, Same Rules?

New Media, Same Rules? A Look at Fashion in the Newsroom

  From daytime to primetime, turn on any news program and you will see a mix of male and female anchors. They look at you through the TV screen with a chipper smile, coiffed hair and a voice that commands… more


No More NAFTA? Trump Agrees to Trade Agreement Negotiation

Threats of NAFTA being terminated have loomed since President Trump was elected in November. Early this week Trump’s threat of dissolution was heard by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto who called him asking for a… more

Planning for economic development of AU Nations

Mauritius and African Economic Platform Plans for Economic Development of AU Nations

Mauritius brought together the 54 African Union members in the African Economic Platform this past March. The African nation led the conference to promote their goals of increasing economic development through the continent. First, their course of action was to… more

The Business of Escapism

The Business of Escapism. How Festival Fashion Became the New Resort Wear

Music festivals have become the hottest ticket of the spring and summer seasons. From fashion to celebrity sightings to parties and of course music, on the surface these are why they are trending. If you can attend, the anticipation is high… more

New sourcing opportunities await

Canada’s Premier Apparel and Textile Sourcing Trade Show Will Showcase Over 60 Companies from South Asia This Year

A whole new world of sourcing in South Asia is coming to light.  On August 21st-23rd the Toronto International Centre halls will be alive with the sound of deals being closed, relationships being forged and the exchange of possibilities for the… more

Canada Apparel Textile Business

Business is Booming. Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada is Back with a Partnership with TFO Canada

In the month of August, from the 21st-23rd , hundreds of companies from nations spanning the globe will come together for three days at the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) trade show. Presented by and and held in the Toronto… more

Tainted by the Trump name? Ivanka Trump’s Line Discontinued From Major Retailers.

Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line is the latest brand to feel the financial repercussions of the Trump backlash.  Retail giants Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, amongst others, decided to drop Ivanka Trump’s brand. Could it be that Ivanka’s brand was not selling as they hoped? Or her… more

Fashion Trends 2017

Top Fashion Trends – Spring 2017

Top Spring 2017 Fashion Trends The styles to look out for in spring and summer 2017 will be hard to miss. Runways are welcoming a bright, cheerful lineup of exciting fashion trends. Remember the 80’s? Bright orange and fuchsia, puffy… more

Protecting Yourself from Knock-Offs

The Legal Side: Protecting Yourself from Knock-Offs

At some point in every designer’s career, he (or she) may run the risk of dealing with trademark, copyright or patent infringement. Knock-offs are any product intended to look like another brand, by the use of protected logos, designs or… more

Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada Launches New Media Center

Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada is proud to announce the launch of our new Media Center. Visit the Media Center to find the latest photos, videos, news and more. Stay up to date with all things Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada!